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Tronçais: “When barrel protects its oak”

5 March 2020

Desiring to provide an elegant way to give back what we borrow to the forest, the ONF, in partnership whith the Martell cognac house, have launched a call for projects for the protection of 5 remarkable trees in the forest of Tronçais. Projects must include staves and/or barrels provided by Martell.


Projects presented by the artist Prisca Cosnier have been selected for 2 remarkable trees: for the “Chêne carré” the artist proposed an installation made up of 48 rings evoking the square base of the tree trunk. Project conceived by Prisca Cosnier for the “Chêne Stebbing” alludes to Scotland (home country of Mr Stebbing) and to sea because oaks from Tronçais navigated once on the world’s seas.


Project presented by the landscaper Marc Vatinel has been selected for the “Chêne pilier”. Vatinel imagined a pontoon measuring 47,5 meters length (the height of the tree) on which will be materialized a scale of time.


Jury has postponed its decision for the “Chêne Émile Guillaumin” and the “Chêne Charles-Louis Philippe”. Applicants have untill 19 March 2020 to answer the new call for projects.



Picture 1 : installation of Prisca Cosnier for the “Chêne carré”

Picture 2 : installation of Prisca Cosnier for the “Chêne Stebbing”

Picture 3 : installation of Marc Vatinel for the “Chêne pilier”

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