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The forest is an endless source of inspiration

OAK Collection brings together enterprises related to the forest, trees, living matter and well-being
4 trades 4 houses Oak Forest Club , La cabane perchée , La Chênaie , L’AUBERGE DES BERTRANGES

Generation after generation, the Charlois family witness the emergence of the hundred-year-old oaks that are used in stave-making.
For Sylvain Charlois, ownership of forests through the Oak Forest Club has always been self-evident.
In all its forestry activities (acquisition, forest management and sale), Oak Forest Club takes into account economic, ecological and social factors. It maintains and develops a natural resource with respect for ecosystems, and actively combats climate change.

  • Forest ownership & promotion

4 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré – 75008 Paris – France

La Cabane Perchée®, pioneer of a resolutely upmarket concept, was created in 1999.


From the outset, artisan carpenters, joiners, cabinet makers, plumbers and electricians have worked together as a team and acquired unparalleled experience. They have built almost 500 custom-made treehouses, each one of them unique and different, in France, Europe, the United States and Russia.


La Cabane Perchée designs treehouses for individuals and the tourism professionals. It also creates treetop meeting rooms or lofty terraces for use by restaurants, for practising yoga and meditation, or simply to observe nature. It also proposes perched tasting rooms for wine estates.


Atelier : 43, ZAC 1 La Peyrolière – 84 400 APT – France

Tél. +33 4 90 74 22 06 –

Oak: a new youthful force


Everything begins with the life force of a thousand-year-old tree which defies time: the oak. Rare organic brilliance After six generations of fascination with this tree and its noble character, the Charlois group penetrated the secret of its exceptionally long life with a major scientific discovery: an oak extract with ultra-powerful anti-oxidant properties, combining the tree’s bark, soft wood and leaf for the first time. Patented, this miracle of life preserves the hyaluronic acid present in the skin and encourages collagen synthesis.


And so was born La Chênaie, a line of anti-ageing cosmetics with exceptional anti-wrinkle and regenerative performance. A major innovation which stretches the boundaries of youth. A challenge to time itself.

  • Cosmetics

4 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré – 75008 Paris – France
Tél. + 33 1 44 94 99 31 – Fax + 33 1 43 87 60 99


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Established in 2004, the Auberge de Bertranges welcomes the group’s visitors in comfortable, welcoming and convivial surroundings that allow for more extensive exchanges. The chef prepares vegetables direct from the garden and principally local produce. Short distribution channels are favoured, as are natural products and sustainable practices, to produce fine cuisine that it is customary to accompany with wines aged in barrels crafted by the group’s cooperages. The team at the Auberge are also expert in the organisation of different events, receptions and meetings.

In addition, the Auberge de Bertranges will be the “host” for the guest rooms in the trees that will complete the hospitality offer for the group’s partners and collaborators when they are visiting Murlin.



Le Bourg – 58700 Murlin – France