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Giving back to the future what has been left by the past

Agustina Michemberg, Directrice RSE

This precept, a true plea for sustainable development, is the fundamental rule that guides each of our actions and activities within Charlois.

Having adopted for several years a mode of operation based on ethical and sustainable practices, we systematically integrate social, economic and environmental concerns in our business policy, in our relations with the group's stakeholders and through our philanthropic actions aimed at civil society or the associative sector.

Promoting economic growth in forest-related activities while guaranteeing the sustainability of wood resources for future generations is our trademark. We are also socially and culturally committed to passing on and promoting the exceptional skills of our craftsmen and employees.

In 2019, we have created our own label: Charlois Entreprise Responsable symbolizing our CSR approach. Thanks to this emblem, you can discover our actions, our projects and the actions that are important to us in the "News" section of the Charlois website.

Agustina Michemberg, RSE Director