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Everything starts with the forest. Our heritage and our future.

The history of the Charlois group took root in 1807 in the Bertranges forest, with the stave*maker Jean Charlois.


In 1928, after three generations of forestry activity, Eugène Charlois established a wood splitting mill at Murlin, which became the Maison Charlois.


Situated in the heart of the Nivernais, deep in the largest forest area of France, the company was a major actor in the preservation of this veritable treasure composed of the finest oaks in France. Specialists in the selection of oaks and the splitting and natural seasoning of staves, it became the undisputed leader in the French stave market.


The heir to this expertise and prestigious reputation, Sylvain Charlois, developed the company’s activities and created the Charlois group in 2005. With creativity and a spirit of innovation, he takes his inspiration from oak to perpetuate and develop each of his initiatives.


Whilst anchoring the Charlois group resolutely in the modern era, Sylvain Charlois takes great care to preserve historic family values and skills. He confides “For us, oak is at the origin of everything. It is an infinite source of inspiration. Its intransigence and perfection guide all our creations. And we take pains to ensure that the result of its transformation is befitting of its nobility.”


Since its creation the Charlois group has diversified into a range of complementary activities all with oak and the forest as their focus. They embrace an arborescence of skills which include the trades of forestry, saw-milling, stave making, cooperage, the manufacture of oak products for oenology, engineering, architecture and design. It also incorporates a specialist laboratory for the agro-food industry and a research & development unit.


In 2016, the nobility of oak justifiably inspired the Charlois group to step into the realm of luxury. This saw the creation of La Chênaie, a brand of cosmetics made using a patented oak extract, inspired by anti-age research, and the La Grange cooperage, prestigious artisan barrel makers whose hand-crafted production is the work of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. Two exceptional activities stamped with the Charlois group hallmark of excellence.


In 2018, Sylvain Charlois created the Charlois Foundation for Art and the Forest, for the development and the promotion of the art, culture and heritage of the forest, its trades, traditions and values.


In addition, its long commitment to sustainable forest management led the Charlois group to launch, in 2019, a vast tree-planting project in France. Spaced over ten years, an average of 40,000 young trees a year will be planted to encourage biodiversity and the development of the forest.


* High quality oak cut into lengths for the manufacture of oak barrels


Oak has been written into the Charlois family DNA
for over 200 years.
It is the passion for this noble tree that continues
to inspire the group today.
A passion without which this venture would not be possible.


These are the four key values upon which the Charlois group
is founded.


Efficacy requires the organisation and implementation of control systems to optimise product quality and meet our customers’ requirements.
It also demands optimum working conditions, specialist equipment, good security and hygiene, and a sound environment.


The story that began over 200 years ago in the Nevers and Bertranges forests has been perpetuated since 1928 at Murlin and continues today thanks to ethical professional practices. Strong principles such as the attachment to authenticity generate confidence and have built us an excellent reputation with customers, suppliers and financial partners. An authenticity that is also a source of pride and motivation for our employees.


A sense of aesthetics translates into beauty and elegance,
and in the constant care and respect that accompanies all our actions and creations.


Our ongoing research into oak and its qualities allows us to constantly innovate to improve the quality of our products, and to create new ones.

Our Partners


Originally founded so that the Best Craftsmen of France are not forgotten after the Competition, the “Societé Nationale des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” has always had a pro-active role in the valorization of craftsmanship and has since devoted itself for more than ten years to the transmission of know-how to the youngest.

Its missions follow three axes: bring together the Best Craftsmen in France, share their know-how and convey a taste for professional excellence.


Format Raisins is a multidisciplinary festival dedicated to music and dance which - territory through an ambitious international and local programing - emphasizes the discovery of the Loire Valley.

The festival proposes to discover new artists through many moments of conviviality and tastings of local products, with vineyards of the Center of France at the forefront (Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé, Menetou-Salon, Quincy, Reuilly, Coteaux du Giennois and Châteaumeillant).


A colorful festival, "Blues en Loire" invites artists from all over the world to play the "blue note" on the exceptional heritage of La Charité-sur-Loire, which color’s the summer season. The ever growing public every year is not wrong !

Popular and festive music, the blues is played in the “Prieuré”, in the street or on the terrace of a restaurant; improvised, sung or played on a guitar.