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When industrial activity and biodiversity go hand in hand

24 May 2019

In Murlin, Groupe Charlois undertakes daily actions to protect and to support biodiversity. The creation of flowering areas and vegetable garden for the restaurant, the non-utilization of phytosanitary products, the installation of beehives, the establishment of a Land art Promenade… are thus converging to an active effort for the protection of fauna and flora in Murlin, village located in the immediate vicinity of many protected natural areas (ZNIEFF).


Presence of animals, sometimes endangered, proves the good condition of the natural environment in Murlin, ideal for biodiversity, as shown by the bee colonies founded over recent days and the bird’s nest built in the monumental work of art Sève.


Sébastien Guillerand, beekeeper based in Poiseux and in charge of Murlin’s beehives, came twice in the village on 22 May to pick up natural bee swarms. Formation of a bee swarm can result from the division of a bee colony during the “bee-fever” often linked to the honeydew of rape. It can also be the consequence of the presence of two bee queens in a beehive. The older bee queen has to leave the colony to form a new one. When bee swarm is easily accessible, it can be used to build a new beehive.

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