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Oak aromas in wines


7 April 2020

Oak aromas in wines – The series of oak aromas in wines highlights the odorous molecules that oak gives to wines during ageing.


The aromatic “vanilla” note of the wines is closely linked to the use of new oak barrels. It is part of the spicy notes. Vanillin is the aromatic molecule that gives this aroma to wines. It is naturally present in the structure of oak and in different quantities depending on the species of oak. Depending on the toasting level of the barrel, it will be more or less present in the wood and therefore in the wine.


It is an aroma that is found in red wines aged in oak barrels such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah or Pinot Noir. In white wines, this type of aroma can be found in Chardonnay wines aged under oak.



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