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« Sève »

4 April 2019

It’s not a coincidence that Groupe Charlois has ordered Sève (Sap) from La Cabane Perchée®. This œuvre d’art, symbolizing the tree and its nutrient fluid, enhances the “land art” promenade currently being created in the heart of the Bertranges, as a tribute to the forest and to the crafts with strong know-how associated.

Achievement and construction of Sève represented a real technical and aesthetic challenge for its designer and creator Ghislain André (La Cabane Perchée®) and Ambroise Maggiar (designer, Milan). Thanks to their teams, compagnons for some, carpenters, cabinetmakers or woodworkers, the project was launched through an extraordinary human adventure.

The architectural masterpiece about 12 meters high and 30 tons is made up of more than 400 pieces of Douglas fir and 3,000 pieces of metal wich had to be assembled with careful precision.

To complete the work, a double screw staircase wraps around the central shaft of the structure and thus takes up the principle of the flow of sap, up and down, of a tree. This circulation is resumed for the path of the visits.

Sève is made to be contemplated and it also allows to contemplate, around 360 ° and perched at eight meters, the surrounding forest landscapes and the village of Murlin. With its four platforms, it offers a multitude of possibilities including the hosting of exhibitions … other œuvres d’art.

After its short stay on the prestigious forecourt of the City Hall of Paris during the International Day of Forests, Sève finally tooks its place at the entrance of Murlin, like a monumental totem. Ghislain André and Ambroise Maggiar masterpiece today complements the work of Bernadette Chéné, Chênes en majesté, acquired and installed in Murlin in 2018.

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