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“Restaurons Notre-Dame” association

11 February 2021

Created in June 2019, following the fire that devastated the framework and spire of Notre-Dame de Paris, the association Restaurons Notre-Dame has been working and campaigning since its creation for the restitution of the wooden masterpieces of the cathedral.


Among the four committees that made up the association, the “Scientificn Technicak and Universitary Cooperation Commission” is piloting a project to restore the wooden frame of Notre-Dame de Paris in association with several famous schools and universities including ENSA Nancy and ENSTIB d’Epinal. This study will be submitted to the President of the Republic and the public authorities in charge of the restauration during the first quarter of 2021.


The research of architectural advice and recommendations from the Scientific Cooperation Commission is even more important given that Notre-Dame de Paris site is currently entering the phase of finalizing operations to secure the cathedral with wooden shoring hangers under certain stone vaults weakened by the fire.* The hangers were manufactured by Le Bras Frères in Jarny (Meurtge-et-Moselle). At the same time, the Geological and Mining Research Office continues its research program aiming to identify and select the most suitable limestone for an identical restoration of the building.


The consolidation and securing phase if the cathedral should be completed in July 2021, thus paving the way for the restoration and restitution of the architectural elements that disappeared in the fire of April 15, 2019. A huge construction site whose restitution to the identical with French oak trees will be possible thanks to the mobilization of many players from the wood industry and the association Restaurons Notre-Dame.




*Discover more about the next step of the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral thanks to a 3D animation from Vincent Brossard.

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Picture 1: © D.R.

Picture 2 : Wooden hangers made to support the vaults of the cathedral © Julien Le Bras

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