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La Chênaie - a responsible brand

Packaging made from natural ingredients of vegetable origin

11 May 2020

The cosmetics brand La Chênaie is committed to reducing its environmental footprint with a particular focus on short supply circuits.


Since the first line La Chênaie was launched in 2016, cardboard used for cosmetic packaging is from sustainably managed forests and FSC-certified. Carboard sheaths supplier is based in Couches, in Saône-et-Loire (region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté), not far from Murlin, the historic site of Charlois group.


For its Pétrasève® moisturizing line, La Chênaie wanted to extend its environmental approach opting for the use of bio-sourced inks. Inks used are made from 69% natural ingredients of vegetable origin, one-quarter of which are vegetable oils*.


Also for its Pétrasève® moisturizing line, La Chênaie went even further in the eco-design of its packaging with the tubes of Hydra Scrub and Hydra Shower Gel. Tubes are made from recyclable bioplastic from sugar cane. Thanks to that natural non-fossil material, the carbon footprint of bioplastic tubes is 50% lower than the carbon footprint of plastic tubes.


A set of actions reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources and participating in carbon dioxide absorption during the growth of plants using for La Chênaie packaging (mainly wood and sugar cane)!


*Those natural ingredients of vegetable origin are from rape, hemp or corn cultivation, mainly resins.  

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