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ONF, major player in the sustainable forest management

21 September 2021

“To ensure that the forester renews the forest is the main criterion in the public forests”


Particularly attentive to the forest environments respect and to the sustainability of their management, we are ensuring the origin of our oak supplies, by carefully choosing our providers and by systematically favouring PEFC certification.

ONF (Office national des Forêts) is a mayor player in the sustainable public forest management and our main oak provider. All the state forests are PEFC certified. Among these state forests, the prestigious oak forests of Bercé, Bertranges, Darney, Saint-Palais or Tronçais are highly prized by stave millers and coopers for the quality of their oak wood.

These state oak forests are the fruit of the work and know-how of many generations of foresters whose continuation spread over several centuries.


Sustainable management synonym of fight against climate change

Forests are, after oceans, one of the main carbon sinks. French metropolitan Forest captures each year around 87 millions of tons of CO2, equivalent to 10-15% of the national CO2 emissions.

Sustainable management help to preserve or improve carbon sequestration in forests, central component in the fight against climate change, thanks to the Sequestration, the Storage and the Substitution.

Sustainable forest management also guarantees their biological diversity, their productivity, their regenerative capacity, their vitality and their capacity to satisfy, now and in the future, their economic, ecological and social functions without causing damage to other ecosystems.


Dominique de Villebonne, co-director of the Forest and natural risks ONF Direction, recalls that every actions in the state forests are carried out for the renewal and transmission of a wealth and useful forest heritage. A desire to renew and transmit inherent in our values and engagements which translate into the reforestation program carried out by the Fonds Charlois pour l’Art et la Forêt since 2019.


Pictures © Christophe Deschanel

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