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Vineyard and cellar - 1910

October in the vineyard

6 October 2020

“Vineyard and cellar – 1910” is a series of articles that we present to you throughout the year 2020, month by month. The articles are taken from the 1910 “Wine Trade Directory” and describe the various works necessary for the grapes and wine production at the beginning of the 20th century.


October in the vineyard


In 1910 in October, the work in the vineyard was marked by the subsequent harvest and a possible final treatment in certain regions.


Here is what we can read in October in the Wine Trade Directory of 1910


The harvest – October has been called the harvest month, because it is during this month that the picking is generalized in the greatest number of regions of France, that is to say in all the South-West, the West, the Center-North, the Center and the East. The picking usually ends with October. However, the fruits of certain grape varieties, in the white vineyard, do not fear the first cold of winter, but only the freezing rains; also there are some exhibitions where the last grapes are cut only in November. But as long as this operation lasts, the vine does not require any cultivation and the winegrower has all his freedom to attend to the winemaking care.


Pest control – A final treatment will be carried out in the Center and in the North, after the harvest to facilitate the sharpening of the wood. It will consist of an application of Bordeaux mixture and sulfurization, or a combination of these two remedies in a single treatment.


Nowadays in October


The harvest continues in October but depending on the vintage, it can start at the beginning of October or even be finished if the vintage is earlier. The duration of the harvest depends on the method used and the areas of the vineyard. For the same surface area, manual harvests take longer than mechanized harvests. The harvesting machine harvests thanks to beaters which shake the vines to unhook the berries. These are then conveyed by conveyor belts to the machine’s buckets. Developments in technology in recent years have made it possible to obtain quality harvests. Manual harvesting allows whole bunches to be harvested, which will require destemming on arrival in the cellar.


Picture : ©Maja Petric / Unsplash

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