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Our Trades

La forêt est un espace aux ressources multiples. Son rôle bienfaisant pour le corps et l’esprit est le vecteur principal des métiers rassemblés dans OAK COLLECTION

Art & culture

Since the middle of the 17th century, activities and participation in local tradition have definitively rooted the Charlois family in Murlin in the heart of the Betranges forest.

This attachment naturally led the company to develop a number of cultural projects in this small, wooded corner of France. The desire to transmit and share led to the creation by Sylvain Charlois of the Charlois Foundation for Art and the Forest. Its objectives are notably the development and the promotion of the art, culture, heritage, trades, traditions and values of the forest through the establishment of a new exhibition area. Simultaneously, two houses have been restored in order to set up artists in residence where they can find an environment conducive to creation.

Thus, the Charlois group supports all forms of artistic expression, including a musical group, The Barrels.

In parallel to the Foundation for Art and the Forest and springing from its long commitment to sustainable forest management, in 2019 the Charlois group launched a vast tree-planting project.