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Our Brands

OAK GENERATION reunites initiatives
with a focus on heritage, excellence, skills,
art and culture, and Murlin village

The foundation, Charlois for Art and the Forest, was created in 2018 for the development and promotion of art, culture and heritage, particularly in relation to the forest, its trades, traditions and values.

The principal missions of Charlois for Art and the Forest are active participation in sustainable forest management and continued support for contemporary creation, in all forms of artistic expression. This has taken the shape of the creation of an ex nihilo exhibition space and the hosting of artists in residence at Murlin, where they can find the serenity and inspiration necessary for the creation and development of artistic and cultural projects.


Le Bourg – 58700 Murlin – France

Over three centuries of activity and participation in local tradition have definitively rooted the Charlois group in Murlin, in the heart of the Betranges forest. This attachment to the region naturally led the company to support numerous major projects in this small village in the Nivernais woods.

The Charlois Group has notably created an exhibition space, funded by Charlois for Art and the Forest, where the emphasis is firmly on showcasing cultural heritage and contemporary creation. A number of monumental works of art have been, and continue to be, installed in the heart of Murlin village to increase and reinforce its attractivity, in a continuation of the various village improvements sponsored by the Group (burial of overhead power lines, new street lighting, restoration of the church stained glass).

These different projects fit into a wider perspective that embraces forest tourism and wine tourism.


Le Bourg – 58700 Murlin – France

Tél. +33 3 86 38 17 55