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Optimal valuation of raw material

Oak for oenology

3 August 2020

In order to value raw material and in response to oenological practices*, we develop different ranges of oak products for oenology. Those products, made from stave quality oak not selected for barrels because of minor defects (wood fiber cut…), are a good organoleptic solution for ageing the wines intended to be consumed younger than wines aged in barrels. Over the years, those products became a successful oenological tool.


Our oak products for oenology (granulates, chips, dominos, blocks, inserts, staves, zig-zags) are seasoned naturally in the open air during 18 to 24 months. Thanks to various types and intensities of toasting the products are finely calibrated to perfectly dose the aromatic and tannic input of the oak during winemaking or ageing.


Using pieces of oak wood for winemaking helps to stabilize wine colour. It has also been noted that oak products enhance fruitiness, increase sweetness and have a positive effect on wine tannins.


Our oak products for oenology conform to food safety and traceability standards, from the raw materials to the finished product.


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*From 2005 EU legislation has allowed the use of pieces of oak wood immersed in the wine in the ageing and from 2009 in the winemaking.

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