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La forêt est un espace aux ressources multiples.
Son rôle bienfaisant pour le corps et l’esprit est le vecteur
principal des métiers rassemblés dans OAK COLLECTION

Forest ownership & promotion

The control of the Charlois Group oak supply depends on forest ownership and promotion.

As guardian the group takes care, day after day, to maintain, develop and renew our forests.

The forest is a place of multiple resources. Its intelligent management enables the group to meet its needs through wood production, without ever going beyond what it produces, whilst at the same time protecting the environment and promoting biodiversity, conscious that the trees and the forests play an essential role in the preservation of our planet.



Wood is the source of ecological and renewable materials of the future. It is a raw material whose precious qualities are invaluable to architects and designers.

It was this convergence of skills that led the Charlois group to acquire La Cabane Perchée (The Cabin in the Treetops)® in 2018.

With almost 20 years of experience of the architectural challenge of building cabins in trees all around the world, La Cabane Perchée® is devoted to designing the spaces that we imagine in our dreams, built without ever planting a single nail in a tree or sawing a single branch.

These natural hideaways, havens of peace and relaxation, inspire us to reconnect with our feelings, to be at one with Nature. They can serve as a place to sleep, an office, a meeting or games room, or a space for meditation…. and why not even a tasting room ?…


With their permanent research into the multiple benefits of oak, the Charlois group scientists have, for the first time, perfected a patented oak extract with powerful anti-ageing properties.

Known as Quercus Petraea Concentrate this extract, derived from different parts of the tree – the bark, the softwood and the leaves – gave rise, in 2015, to the creation of a range of age defying skincare with exceptional regenerative powers, called La Chênaie.

Following the bark, the wood and the leaf, in was after studying the precious lifeblood of the oak tree, its sap, that the scientists at La Chênaie registered a new patent, PÉTRASÈVE®, in 2018. Thanks to this discovery, in March 2019 a second collection of ultra-hydrating skincare products was added to the global anti-ageing offer from La Chênaie.