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Vineyards history


28 November 2021

The Menetou-Salon vineyard is located in the Cher department, between Bourges and Sancerre, in a wine-growing region where the presence of vines has been attested since Antiquity. The first historical mentions date back to the 11th century. These are acts relating to donations of vines, in particular to the Clos de Davet, made to various religious orders, including the Benedictines of Saint-Sulpice-Lès-Bourges, who were the main architects of the development of the vineyard.

The geographical area of Menetou-Salon covers 611 hectares spread over the territory of 10 communes: Menetou-Salon, Aubinges, Morogues, Parassy, Pigny, Quantilly, Saint-Céols, Soulangis, Vignoux-sous-les-Aix, Humbligny.

The Menetou-Salon AOC was initially recognised by decree on 23 January 1959. The white wines of the appellation are made from the single grape variety Sauvignon Blanc while the red and rosé wines are made from the Pinot Noir grape variety.


The vineyard terroir is characterised by a geological formation dating from the end of the Jurassic period: the “Saint-Doulchard marls” (Kimmeridgian, 146 to 141 million years old), often made up of an agglomeration of fossils of small oysters (exogyra virgula), along a limestone cuesta oriented west/east. The vineyards, planted in patches, closely follow the outcrop of the marl, the alteration of which has produced two types of soil: brown limestone and brown rendzine (soil rich in humus and organic matter that develops on a limestone substratum). This geological formation and the soils that have developed are characteristic of this geographical area.

The climate is an oceanic climate, with relatively abundant rainfall (between 800 mm and 850 mm per year) and cool summers. The geographical area is at risk of a significant number of days of frost, particularly in spring. Its open landscape is also exposed to the prevailing west/southwest winds.


87 passionate producers (2020) are currently producing subtle and complex wines. The white wines of Menetou-Salon are renowned for their notes of white flowers, citrus and spices which underline the balance of these fresh and angular wines. The red Menetou-Salon wines are supple and fragrant, with a ruby colour and aromas of ripe fruit. Finally, the rosés are fresh and delicate, with aromas of white and dried fruits.


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