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“Le Chêne en majesté” doubly awarded by the jury of the 2021 OIV Awards

17 September 2021

The Jury of the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine), which met in Paris on September 9, 2021, this year awarded 16 Prizes and 10 Special Mentions from around sixty publications in competition.


Today, we are very proud to announce that the work “Le Chêne en majesté, de la forêt au vin”, written by Sylvain Charlois and Thierry Dussard, has been doubly awarded by the OIV 2021 Prize in the category “Monographs and Specialized Studies” and by “Recognition of the Jury 2021” for the photographic work of Christophe Deschanel.


The OIV was therefore keen to highlight the quality of the photographs which “serve the height of the tree and immerse the reader in an aesthetic and mystical dimension of nature” while specifying that “the beauty of the illustrations does not exclude the promise of rich and exciting content served by a modern and dynamic layout. “


Published in October 2018, the book “Le Chêne en majesté, de la forêt au vin” highlights the concept of forest terroir: a soil and an exposure, a particular rainfall, a specific sunshine, to which must be added a type of species, a planting density and an average age, which will influence the grain and the quality of the wood. The value of a high oak grove therefore depends on its terroir and the way in which it has been “managed”.


Two prizes which recognize the work of its authors and its photographer, but also of a whole sector of activity which, from forest to wine, works daily to showcase exceptional resources and know-how.


Take advantage of this literary return to immerse yourself in this work in order to discover all the aspects of the mysterious marriage of oak stave with wines and eaux-de-vie, thanks to the intercession of foresters, stavers, coopers and cellar masters.

Le Chêne en majesté, de la forêt au vin from Sylvain Charlois and Thierry Dussard

Pictures by Christophe Deschanel

Flammarion editions

224 pages


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