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Laure Posada, Community manager of groupe Charlois, narrated by Stéphane Ebel

22 January 2024

Youthful experience


To celebrate World Community Manager Day on Monday, January 22, 2024, let’s take a closer look at Laure Posada, Charlois group’s community manager. At 27, this native of Ile-de-France has been living in Bordeaux for 3 years and joined Charlois just over a year ago. Her credo: digital communication in general and social networks in particular.


Laure’s mission: to promote Charlois group’s houses on the web, and in particular on social networks. As part of the communication department, Laure brings her vision, her network knowledge and appropriate techniques to boost communication, generate traffic, views and likes. Whether through photos, videos or stories, she sets images and music, and makes the content provided by all the group’s employees attractive: “It’s a team job!” A job to which she brings her touch and the keywords that will boost publications’ audience.


Not a day without a post

Thinking, finding and creating content. This is Laure’s obsession. An obsession that turns into a passion, so diverse are the topics. “From the forest to cosmetics, from barrels to wines, from the different professions to the people involved, whether in group entities, customers or partners… there’s a lot to talk about.” Based in Bordeaux, Laure goes from site to site and town to town looking for news, photos and videos to feed networks.


Post, like, share

Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin are the main social networks on which Charlois and its houses are present, active and responsive. “These are the ones that provide the most audience and visibility. Each network has its own codes, usefulness and audience. On Instagram, the emphasis will be on photography to promote our brand image by highlighting our expertise. On Facebook and Linkedin, our publications are more focused on group news, trade shows and events in which we participate and which we share. In all cases, we take care to produce quality content and encourage Internet users to visit our houses’ websites.” Laure manages accounts for a dozen sites, including Saury, Leroi, Bernard and Doreau cooperages, as well as Charlois group publications, with her colleagues’ help. The idea, and principle, is to highlight the know-how of our houses, to showcase our heritage and our core business. On the other hand, it’s essential to be aware of what’s going on around us, to keep an eye on what’s happening, and to keep abreast of what’s happening with our partners.


Creating content and traffic

With a master’s degree in marketing and communications of ISG (Paris) and a diploma in Web Design and Development of Baruch College (New York), Laure played globe-trotter during her studies, taking in the USA, Ireland and Spain. “Thanks to my travels, I’ve gained an open mind by discovering other cultures, and my various encounters have enriched my creativity and my vision of the world. And it’s the same with my job as a community manager. I go from site to site, visiting winemakers and trade shows, always with the same idea in mind: to promote the world of wood, oak, cooperage and our professions. We also publish a series of themed reports on life in the forest, the trades, history…



Questions to Laure:


You joined the group just over a year ago. How do you feel about it?


First of all, I immediately identified with the group, coming as I do from a small town surrounded by forests, and I’m no stranger to Sunday strolls among tall oak trees. I’m lucky enough to work in two worlds which fascinate me, new technologies and art, woodworking being, for me, an art. I’m passionate about what I do, and every morning I don’t feel like I’m going to work. The group offers us the means to work in the best possible conditions, in a good atmosphere. Although it may look like an empire from the outside, in reality it retains a human dimension with deeply rooted family values. You only have to visit the group’s headquarters in Murlin to understand this.


There’s more to life than work. What are your hobbies?


I enjoy cooking for my friends, constantly exploring new flavors and mixes. From time to time, I innovate in my cooking, even if I’m not always successful. In addition, the piano is a faithful companion that accompanied me during my studies, a wonderful instrument which represented an artistic escape for me.


My interest in art and painting continues to grow, and every Sunday afternoon I go to exhibitions after a morning stroll around the “marché des Capucins”.



Photography © Christophe Deschanel

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