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La Chênaie - a responsible brand

Makeup remover kit with PÉTRASÈVE®

11 October 2019

Our cosmetics brand, La Chênaie, is committed to reducing its environmental footprint through several initiatives: the use of bio-sourced inks, reduction in packaging, and the development of innovative products that are in coherence with, and even anticipate, changes in consumer habits related to environmental issues.


Our La Chênaie reusable makeup remover pads form part of this action and are the direct result of our desire to completely replace disposable cotton pads. Economical, ecological and durable, they mean less waste and contribute to more responsible patterns of consumption.


Made from bamboo fibres, these washable pads are soft and agreeable to use. Bamboo, which is hypoallergenic and renowned for the softness of its fibres, also possesses greater cleansing power than cotton and its bacteriostatic properties inhibit the multiplication of bacteria.  


So, take a leaf out of our book and do what’s good both for you and for the environment, thanks to the La Chênaie reusable makeup remover pads.

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