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Family stories

Jean Charlois (1807-1879)

7 January 2021

Jean Charlois, seventh generation, was born in Chaulgnes on August 21, 1807. He is the son of Jeanne Lithier (widow of Jean Charlois, 1782-1805, prematurely deceased) and Louis Charlois (brother of Jean Charlois, 1782-1805). First Empire was in full expansion at the time after the victories of Eylau (8 February 1807) and Friedland (14 June 1807) and the signature of the Treaties of Tilsit which ended the Fourth European Coalitions against France.


At the beginning of the 19th century, the family Charlois is more than ever linked to the forest and to its oaks. As a matter of fact, Louis Charlois, brother of Jean (1807-1879), was wood splitter when he married Claudine Boisson, daughter of a winemaker, on 14 February 1825, like his uncles Louis (father of his brother Jean, 1807-1879) and Claude Charlois.


Jean Charlois (1807-1879) married Jeanne Moutet on 25 April 1836 in Germigny-sur-Loire. They had 10 children including Antoine, born in 1849, father of Eugène, born in 1900, who founded the first Charlois stave mill in Murlin in 1928.


Jean Charlois (1807-1879) died at home on 16 July 1879. His death is declared by his son and homonym Jean Charlois, 38 years old, who also was wood splitter as his ancestors for generations.



Picture: Death certificate of Jean Charlois, 1879 © Archives départementales de la Nièvre

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