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HACCP – The management of food safety related risks in our products

22 October 2019

Since our oak barrels are in contact with a food product (wines or spirits) during ageing, they are subject to food standards controls in the same way as their contents. This is also true for our staves and alternative oak products.


We therefore put in place an HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) based health and safety management system a number of years ago. This is a preventive system that identifies, evaluates and controls significant risks relating to food safety including biological risks (virus, bacteria…), chemical risks (pesticides, additives…) as well as physical risks (wood, glass…).


HACCP analysis has enabled us to create a formal documentation system for our operational procedures that guarantees the food quality of our products in accordance with European regulations. It allows us to deliver certificates of suitability for food contact for all our cooperage and alternative wood products.


All barrels and related products that we make are fully compliant with CE N°1935/2004 concerning the suitability of wood for contact with food products.


All our processes are laboratory tested for the measures listed below, and all results are archived.

  • Each lot of wood used for production is subject to random sampling on arrival at the cooperage (NFX06.022) for testing for TCA/TBA, TeCa, PCA and TCP/TBP, TeCP, PCP.
  • All products that come into contact with the wood during its transformation, such as pallets, battens, etc. are analysed for TCA/TBA, TeCa, PCA and TCP/TBP, TeCP, PCP.
  • All other constituent parts of the barrel, such as hoops, wicker strips, bungs, cotton, bottom bars and dowels, are analysed for TCA/TBA, TeCa, PCA and TCP/TBP, TeCP, PCP. These analyses are carried out by sampling.
  • In addition, the ambient air and packaging materials are also subject to analysis (TCA/TBA, TeCa, PCA and TCP/TBP, TeCP, PCP). These analyses are carried out by sampling.
  • All elements and accessories employed by our machines are guaranteed of food quality.
  • We also have a system of periodic verification and maintenance of the HACCP system, in order to examine and, if necessary, revise its operation.


And finally, an annual audit is carried out by Bureau Veritas to verify that our HACCP manual is being respected and updated as appropriate.

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