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Guillaume Ougier, an artist who sculpts the forest

19 October 2020

Because he loves forest and magnifies it for years with fine wooden everyday objects, Guillaume Ougier wanted to share his artistic and philosophical approach with us through his book Sculpter la forêt (Sculpting forest). The woodcarver invites the reader to ramble and to contemplate the forests to be in symbiosis with them. To better understand them and to get inspiration.


To sculpt wood pieces collected in forest is as if you let the forests guide you on the path to be followed. As a matter of fact, the premise of the artistic approach of Guillaume Ougier is to become aware of the forest rhythms and to understand the characteristics of tree species.


From his workshop, the sculptor tells us how to create 25 objects as pencil, carillon, talisman or dream catcher with wood pieces collected in forest.


So don’t wait any longer and go for a walk in forest to get inspiration and nice decoration concepts for warm and natural atmosphere!



Sculpter la forêt, Guillaume Ougier – Éditions Hoëbeke, 19,90€

Atelier Darbroche


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