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Forest of Doué, June 2021

22 June 2021

Initiated in 2019, after major work to prepare the land parcel, the Doué reforestation program, in edge of the Bertranges forest, is now in its third year.

This planted forest, now at the seedling stage of growth (1 to 5 years), is doing well thanks to the good weather and geological conditions but also thanks to the diversity of settlements with deciduous trees and coniferous trees.

Settlements choice has been done according to the soils but also to allow this young forest to resist climatic variations. Oaks are the majority (more than 65%), followed by Douglas and a few other deciduous trees as beech and hornbeam.


Forestry station

Climate of the station is characterised by an average rainfall around 850mm, quite well distributed over the year, and an average temperature around 10°C. Elevations range between 225 and 280 meters. The geology of the forest is composed of clays of alterations. Water reserve of the soils are good with efficient drainage.

Those fertile soils have high forestry potential.



Forest of Doué includes several tree species thanks to our reforestation program but also thanks to many others spontaneous species typical of forest flora as digitalis purpurea, fern and broom.

Finally, two ponds, dug when we prepared the land parcel, favour biodiversity.


A real success for the reforestation of this forest and we will continue to tell you about its evolution throughout its development!


Pictures © Christophe Deschanel

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