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Exhibition Herbal memories, herbariums of Nièvre at the Médiathèque of Nevers

12 August 2019

The Médiathèque of Nevers presents, from June 6 2019 to January 4 2020, the exhibition Herbal memories which invites visitors to discrover the full richness of herbariums heritage.


Through the pages of those herbariums (in glass cases or on screens to preserve herbariums), the oldest of which dates back to 1754, visitors will discover the environmental and scientific purpose of those botanical works.


This exhibition invites visitors to reflect on current events: landscape transformation, rarefaction or extinction of certain species, biodiversity, preservation of natural environments…


Simultaneously, Médiathèque of Nevers offers a varied programming in recognition of plants and in recognition of those who collected them: workshops, conference and shows will be proposed until the end of the year at the Médiathèque and outdoor.



Médiathèque Jean Jaurès of Nevers

From June 6 2019 to January 4 2020

Free admission

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