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European tree of the year 2020

21 March 2020

While we are living through a surrealist period and we are actively fighting against the spread of coronavirus, we must take care of one another. Let us also remember that nature provides us day after day beautiful spectacles to contemplate. Today, date of the International Day of Forests, we wanted to share with you the results of the European tree of the year 2020 competition.


So #stayhome et take time to discover those exceptional centenary trees.


Organized for 10 years by the Environmental Partnership Association, the competition awards trees with the most interesting stories.


This year, the winner is a scotch pine located in Czech Republic. This pine from Chudobín grows on the rocky headland of the dam called Vír. The name of the pine is in connection with the flooded village of Chudobín, which ceased to exist due to the construction of a dam. According to a legend narrated by locals, a devil sat under the pine in the night and played the violin. However it is much more likely that they were hearing the strong winds blowing over the valley. This pine tree is not only an important landmark but also an impressive testimony to its high resistance to climate change and human impact.


More than 285.000 people participated in the votes and the winner received 47.226 votes.



Picture 1: Guardian of the Flooded Village, Czech Republic

Picture 2: The Witch Tree, Netherlands

Picture 3: The Three-Legged Spanish Oak, Spain

Picture 4: The Allerton Oak, United Kingdom

© Tree of the year

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