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Discover or deepen your knowledge of the world of wine

10 April 2020

In these times of confinement our rhythms and habits are modified. What if we take the opportunity to deepen our knowledge of the world of wine? Here is a (not exhaustive!) List of links to websites offering different types of content on the world of wine.


The media center of the Cité du Vin site offers, for example, rich and varied documentation on these themes. You will find videos and photos of art exhibitions, conference podcasts and films on the vineyards. Here is the link to access it.


The Burgundy wine profession accessible here, offers advice on wine tasting, examples of food and wine pairings.


Some, such as the Burgundy wine trade association mentioned above, but also that of Bordeaux wines, accessible here and here, offer online courses. This is also the case of the Cave de Tain which offers a MOOC accessible here.


You can also find interesting articles on blog RougeauxLèvres, DalkiaLovesWine or WinePoetryContact.


If you are more cinephiles find here the top 5 films on the world of wine.


Finally for fans of reading you will find ideas to build a library with the top 5 books to consume without moderation. Most of these books are available in digital version.

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