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Charlois pour l’Art et la Forêt

16 May 2019 Charlois pour l’Art et la Forêt

More than three centuries of activities and local traditions have definitively rooted Groupe Charlois in Murlin, in the heart of the Bertranges forest. This loyalty and this territorial attachment naturally lead the firm to develop several major cultural projects in the village of Murlin.


The fund Charlois pour l’Art et la Forêt (Charlois for Art and Forest) has thus been established to develop, promote and enhance art, culture and heritage particularly in connection with forest, its professions, its traditions and its values.


Charlois pour l’Art et la Forêt has set a goal of playing an active part in sustainable forest management through reforestation (programme planned over 10 years with the average of 40000 plants annually). The fund will also support contemporary creation, expression of all kinds, through its exhibition area and its artists-in-residence programme.


Through its fundamental missions, the fund wishes to raise the awareness of the public on the beauty of forest environments and on the need to protect them within a sustainable development approach.


Promotion of forests history is also at the heart of Charlois pour l’Art et la Forêt concerns. Thus, the fund is compiling a collection of works of art to try to understand the evolution of forested areas and how they have been enhanced over the centuries.

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