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23 December 2020
The art of giving a second life to objects

Le Clos des Fées orders a work of art to Jordane Saget… on a barrel bottom

More accostumated to the bitumen than to the centuries-old oaks used in cooperage, Jordane Saget succeeds in magnifying this original medium, thus reminding the art of the painting on tondo (circular painting which became popular in Italy during the 15th century).   Thanks to this order made by Le Clos Des Fées, the artist paid a special tribute […]

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11 May 2020
La Chênaie - a responsible brand

Packaging made from natural ingredients of vegetable origin

The cosmetics brand La Chênaie is committed to reducing its environmental footprint with a particular focus on short supply circuits.   Since the first line La Chênaie was launched in 2016, cardboard used for cosmetic packaging is from sustainably managed forests and FSC-certified. Carboard sheaths supplier is based in Couches, in Saône-et-Loire (region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté), not […]

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