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Atrium and La Cabane Perchée® invite you to the Forum Bois Construction France

15 July 2021

Bio-based construction, and in particular wood construction, appears to be one of the main avenues for decarbonizing the construction world.


Indeed, the building sector represents 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in France and Europe.

A constructive revolution is called for.

The 2021 edition of the “Forum Bois Construction”, located in the Grand Palais Éphémère * in Paris, is part of a process  carrying loud and clear the message of biobased architecture.

Since its creation, the forum has traced step by step the progress of wood construction in France while showing international innovations thanks to cycles of conferences and workshops led by professionals for professionals.


As players in biobased construction, Atrium and La Cabane Perchée® naturally joined the aisles of the Forum Bois Construction to present to professionals in the sector their original products and creations developed with respect for the environment and the sustainable wood resource.

Atrium oak tiles are indeed a local building material with a low environmental impact resulting from the optimization of the raw material and whose production does not require the use of water resources.

As for La Cabane Perchée®, since its creation, it has designed wooden cabins perched in trees with the principle of never cutting a large branch of the host tree.

For La Cabane Perchée®, the Bois Construction Forum will be the opportunity to unveil TO • DO (The OutDoor Office), its latest creation. Designed by designer Ambroise Maggiar, TO • DO, delivered “turnkey”, is an answer for regular or occasional teleworking, reconciling quality of life at work, ecological sobriety and business performance. Teleworking has revolutionized the world of work and it is now a question of imagining effective solutions that contribute to a carbon-free future.


Visuals 1 and 2 © D.R.

Visual 3 © Christophe Deschanel


* Installed on the Champ de Mars, the Grand Palais Éphémère is a wood-frame structure designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte to allow its dismantling and reassembly, but also and above all for reuse in modules.

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