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Acquisition of Nid Perché and La Cabane Perchée by Charlois

24 January 2023

The Charlois group is pleased to announce the acquisition of 50% of Nid Perché, a company specializing in the construction of wooden cabins for tourist accommodations, and 100% of La Cabane Perchée, which it already held a majority stake in.


Founded by carpenter Rémi Bécherel in 2006, the Périgord-based company Nid Perché joins Oak Collection, a subsidiary of the Charlois group that brings together houses that celebrate the forest, including Oak Forest Club (forest valorization), Auberge des Bertranges (hospitality), La Chênaie (cosmetic care with oak extracts) and La Cabane Perchée (unusual wooden constructions).


The 55 employees of Nid Perché share with the Charlois group a strong culture where the awareness of working with a rare material offered by the forest is combined with a very high demand for efficiency, authenticity, aesthetics and innovation.


The complementarity of these two leading players in the high-end wooden cabin construction industry will allow them to push their development and their requirements for professional and private customers even further.


“Through these acquisitions, we are consolidating our commitment to sharing our passion for oak and the forest. The development of these beautiful and unusual cabins contributes to the enhancement of the forest and allows us to welcome the largest number of people,” says Sylvain Charlois.


For Rémi Bécherel, who retains 50% of Nid Perché and will contribute to the development of the group formed with La Cabane Perchée, “this alliance opens a new phase of development for Nid Perché. After having created and developed this profession alongside La Cabane Perchée, we will be able to work together and promote this mode of construction and accommodation that respects nature and valorizes the exceptional skills of our carpenters.”


Founder of La Cabane Perchée in 1999, Alain Laurens allowed the construction of the first wooden cabins in trees at a time when nobody believed in it. He is passing the baton and will leave his position on January 1, 2023. The Charlois group takes this opportunity to express its gratitude and pay tribute to the quality of the work done for La Cabane Perchée for more than 20 years. Alain Laurens will continue to support its commercial development.


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